KEC University Challenge Seed Fund (KUCSF)

KEC University Challenge Seed Fund (KUCSF) scheme aims to assist university researchers to bring university research discoveries to a point where their commercial usefulness can be demonstrated, and the first steps taken to ensure their utility. The primary focus is the exploitation of research outcomes.

Applications Procedure:

A researcher wishing to apply for KUCSF Funds should contact either the Licensing and Ventures Manager at  KEC Vietnam Venture with whom they are already working or the Head of New Venture Support and Funding at KEC Vietnam Innovation ( to be put in touch with the appropriate Licensing and Ventures Manager.

Eligible Projects must fall into one of these categories:

  • Initial proof of concept
  • Pre-patent research
  • Reduction to practice
  • Commercial demonstration

Further information regarding KUCSF and the application procedure can be added more based on yearly. 

Type of fund:

KEC University funds

Institute / Awarding Body:



$5000 to $10,000

Next Call for Applications:

Calls open quarterly, in January, April, July, October. The KUCSF committee meets in early March, June, October and December. Please contact KEC Innovation for details.

IP Commercialisation obligations:

Fund investments must offer the prospect of a financial return. Each award is made under the terms set out in the pro forma Offer Letter. The normal Decrees and Statutes will apply when dealing with the exploitation of Intellectual Property.


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