KEC Invention Fund (KIF)

KIF will invest in early stage technology projects in order to make a return which is funnelled back into this self-sustaining “evergreen” fund. The KIF is endowed by charitable donors to the University as part of the  KEC Innovation. It supports early-stage, proof-of-concept activity.

Key points/focus:

There is a gap between the outputs of University research and its development, supported by commercial and financial investors. The KIF provides resources to enable technologies to bridge this gap.

Other comments:

This professionally managed in-house source of seed funding supports maturing projects, moving them to licensing or spin-out stage by investing in vital experimental data generation, prototyping or other proof-of-concept work. In order to help monitor the success of the project, KEC Innovation will ask to receive a brief report on progress from work financed by the award. A set of “milestones” will be identified and agreed with the researcher(s) and these milestones will form the basis of the monitoring process. Not to compete with research grants; KIF cannot invest in existing companies.

Applications Procedure:

A researcher wishing to apply for KIF Funds should contact either the Technology Transfer Manager at KEC Innovation with whom they are already working or the Head of New Venture Support and Funding at KEC Innovation ( to be put in touch with the appropriate Technology Transfer Manager.

Type of fund:

KEC Innovation funds

Institute / Awarding Body:



$5000 to $100,000

Potential Duration:

6-12 months

Next Call for Applications:

Open call, rolling deadlines, please contact KEC Innovation for details. The awards from the Fund will not be subject to full economic costing.

IP Commercialisation obligations:

Fund investments must offer the prospect of a financial return. Each award is made under the terms set out in the pro forma Offer Letter. The normal Decrees and Statutes will apply when dealing with the exploitation of Intellectual Property. In the case of spin-outs, the equity split is agreed between KEC  Ventureand the researcher(s) on a case by case basis, assisted by KEC Innovation.


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