KEC Vietnam Venture invested into KEESD ( Knowledge Exchange & Commercialization)

Article 1. Name and Address

  • English name: Center of Knowledge Exchange & Educational Services Development
  • The abbreviation is: KEESD
  • Website:

(hereinafter referred to as the Center) on a basis under Knowledge Resources Management Company Limited

  • Center Headquarters:  Lot 14, Quang Trung Software Park, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Center for renting and using equipment, assets, tools, instruments and facilities of Saigon College (SaigonTech)

Article 2. Position, functions, tasks and powers of the Center:

  • The center is a science and technology, software, IT, AI… unit operating independently, belonging to Knowledge Resources Management Company Limited.
  • The Center has legal status, its own seal and account to operate in accordance with the law.
  • Carrying out career tasks according to the list of services for management and training in foreign languages, science and technology, software, IT, AI… (Science & Technology), publishing and publishing cooperation labor import and provision of other science & technology services.
  • The center is under the direct direction and management of Knowledge Resources Management Company Limited, and has close cooperation in terms of expertise and operations of member units under the company.

Duties and powers:

  • Organize soft skills training, foreign languages, extracurricular programs, startup bootcamps, etc.
  • Organize training and labor export programs in Germany, Korea, Japan… and other countries.
  • Cooperate in publishing and providing educational publications, textbooks, books and other scientific & CN;
  • Organize research and application of scientific and technological achievements, software, IT, AI… at home and abroad in the fields of production, life and environmental protection;
  • Organize and implement pilot production projects; training, transferring, commercializing and replicating the results of research projects and pilot production projects;
  • Select technical advances and organize testing to perfect technical processes suitable to the conditions for new products.
  • Organize the construction, installation and manufacturing of equipment, produce products or works to serve production and life after successfully researching or receiving transfer of technology, software, IT, AI… from science and technology, software, IT, AI… organizations at home and abroad.
  • Carry out the task of disseminating, introducing, promoting and trading advanced scientific and technological products, software, IT, AI… serving production and life.
  • Organize visits to models of applying scientific and technical advances at home and abroad.
  • Build demonstration models on the application of new technologies, software, IT, AI…, progressive techniques and popularize them to promote Vietnam’s potential and strengths.
  • Organize and carry out dissemination of scientific and technological information, scientific and technological statistical information; coordinate with mass media agencies to bring scientific knowledge to all audiences; Providing scientific and technological information, software, IT, AI… serving socio-economic development.
  • Organize and develop scientific and technological information sources; Participate in building and exploiting the national database on science and technology; Build and update science and technology databases, science and technology statistical databases, software, IT, AI…;
  • Organize the registration and storage of results of scientific and technological tasks, collect, process and update information on scientific and technological tasks, software, IT, AI… ongoing, application results of science and technology tasks, software, IT, AI…
  • Providing information to serve the identification, selection, implementation, evaluation, and acceptance of science and technology, software, IT, AI… and other tasks;
  • Build, update, protect and exploit technology information database system; Provide and answer instructions for searching technology and equipment information; operates an online technology and equipment trading floor; organize service activities, brokerage, technology transfer, supply and demand connection, and technology trading; organize activities related to the science and technology market;
  • Information, propaganda and development of the innovative startup movement; infrastructure development for start-up activities; training and consulting on innovative startups; develop mechanisms and policies to support startups; build, connect and develop an innovative startup ecosystem;
  • Establishing and operating startup investment funds and startups for potential projects in the field of Science & Industry, software, IT, AI… ESG projects, net zero energy, net zero carbon and green economy.
  • Organize, implement and provide products and services for research, training, production, business and socio-economic development according to society’s requirements in the fields of research, testing,
  • Cooperate in scientific research and development of technology, software, IT, AI… according to the provisions of law;
  • Manage the organization, staff, finances, and assets of the Center according to company regulations and perform other tasks assigned by the Director according to the provisions of law.


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