Mr Rafael Masters

He is a cofounder, part time designer and maker, occasional philosopher and human kintsugi advocate.
Big fan of science, technology, human imagination, and applying them all creatively and engineers.

What drives him mostly is a fondness for humanity and the notion that we could do better. There are many areas where with a little creativity existing technology and systems can be applied to solve a problem and radically improve peoples lives. Whether this is changing how we interact with a PC or building a better business structure, there are things we could do better.

Assistive technology is is one such area. Having grown up reading books, watching films and playing videogames where characters with robotic limbs were at an advantage, and looked incredibly cool, it seemed strange that in an era of cheap manufacturing, rapid scanning, 3d printing and Marvel, that nobody had made affordable and customizable products that you could upgrade like your phone or power tool.

We could do better. And we will.

  • Industry Advisory Board Member of 
  • Founder of Vulcan Augmetics 



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