nguyen xuan tai

Mr Nguyen Xuan Tai

  • 2020: Founded Ezin.vn as an insurtech focusing on smart bite-size consumer insurance in South East Asia. Coud be referred to as “Bảo hiểm gói” like “Mỳ gói”.
  • 2018: co-founded VBee – leading company in Vietnamese AI Voice. The best artificial voice applied in millions of phone calls per day.
  • 2018: Developed VHandicap as the most advanced golf handicap system, dominating platform for golfers.
  • 2017: Co-founded VGS – Vietnam Golf Services company, applying technologies to serve Golfers around the globe.
  • 2013-2017: Managing Naiscorp International as a game studio based in Singapore & operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, 40 million users.
  • 2012: Naiscorp VN won the prize of Create4Million in the category ” in the know” organized by Nokia. Socbay iMedia accomplished a record of 21 million downloads.
  • 2011: Naiscorp VN is selected to be one of the TOP50 SMEs by World Bank InfoDev.
  • 2009: Naiscorp VN successfully raised Round B $2Mil, led by Softbank and IDGVV.
  • 2006: Founded Naiscorp – Socbay NLP Search Engine, one of the first in the world, raised round A from IDGVV (2006). Naiscorp got proposed to acquire by Eric Schmidt from Google.
  • 2003-2006: Developed search engine & natural language processing, won many national IT prizes including VIFOTEC and Ministry research prize. The search engine has been named “Socbay” – which means flying squirrel.
  • 2001: Publication: wrote a set of 3 books about computer science & algorithm problem-solving. Research: Search engine; E-commerce payment through PSTN network.
  • 1998: Software: PC-DOS file browser; Y2K patches for computers written in ASM. Won first place in national innovation software contest.


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