Dr Tran Xuan Thao

Thao Tran started his career as an English language teacher at Hue College of Education in central Vietnam in 1977, and earned an MA in TESOL at the University of Canberra in 1990.

After serving as a Dean in the Department of English, Hue College of Education, he changed his professional path by entering the doctoral program in education administration at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education under the auspices of the Fulbright program.

He received a Ph.D. in Education Administration in 1998.

Since returning to Vietnam, he has held the following positions and responsibilities:

  • Director of the Fulbright Program in Vietnam at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, in which he oversaw the exchange of scholars and students between the U.S. and Vietnam;
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs of Tan Tao University in Long An;
  • Director of Openminds International at Ton Duc Thang University;
  • Vice Rector for International Relations of Van Lang University,
  • Director of International Cooperation & Partnership of Van Lang Edu Group,
  • Deputy CEO of Nguyen Hoang Edu Group, in charge of R&D.

Dr. Thao is Director of Vietnam Institute for International Education, HCMC, Vietnam.

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