Lotus Healthy Food

If you are a business owner, you can feel the pressure of the difficult economy in Vietnam. Many factories and companies were bankrupted. And many workers are laid off.
That’s why we are currently hurry up to support the good business models, good startup owners… and our priority is the good business mind. As one factory shall keep job for at least 50 workers, and behind them is 50 families.
Profit is one of the important indicators to consider in investing into any companies. However, with us, KEC Vietnam Venture, we only invest into the business model with a good mind and big dream for #Vietnam #sustainable #development.
It is the most important indicator with us and it is also my own business mind moral which I COMMITTED to myself and my country, Vietnam.
Lotus Healthy Food is one of startup manufactures which is focused on the vegetarian healthy food and we supported this business for months already.

Now, Lotus Healthy Food have already done for the #FDA#HACCP#GMP#ISO…and we will continue on improving the quality day by day.
Today we would like to announce the Investment for their food innovation as a shareholder and we official participate into their business development.
Lotus Healthy Food will not only develop the vegetarian market but also build up the agricultural material sources with the organic and high qualification plantation areas under the strictly guideline of ESG Education & Business and the agricultural experts to qualify all standards which need to have for green economy.
The #Farmers will also get profits together with our development and a REAL "no one left behind."
It is our payback to our country, Vietnam.
I’m very happy to support them as the Business Director for the Funding Raise and Business Development and we call for the supports from all distributors + funds around world.
Thanks to contact to me if you are interested in joining into this wonderful pathway.


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