EZIN – Digital Insurance Platform

A new #insurtech was born.

Insurances are necessary for everyone in the world, but not easy to buy and not affordable in developing countries. Specifically, in Vietnam, only 2% of population are insured, total value is 2.7% of GDP, way lower than developed country average (10%).

Ezin focus is to provide easy access to purchase, ease of sign-up, no more need for long forms and signature, easy claim process, and a provider that they can rely to pay the claims all at prices for a bowl of Pho noodle or a cup of coffee. PVI is one of the most highly respected insurer that won awards. Also Ezin wants customers to “feel” protected everyday, instead of current status: buy and forget it until next year. The customers really need to get easy insurance and believe in the claim process.

Ezin is 1st to market with our insurance gift cards, our AI tools, our online process takes 2 minutes to sign up, our online claim process, our own customer service team. Besides insurance benefits, we provide people with a social tools that let people to help each others and get rewards. We make the price that is affordable for all people. Companies can also purchase these gift cards for their employees which has a higher value to the employees than cash given.


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