IGreen – Bioplastics For A Green Fututre

IGREEN Development Technology Co., Ltd, was known as iGreen brand, was founded in 2019. We are not only a manufacturer, but also a supplier for certified composting biopolymer products. Based on the advantaged technology and scientific consultants from universities in Vietnam and European countries, our products are being presented in most of the countries in the world like Singapore, Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, Europe, etc.

IGREEN’s compostable bags and straws are completely compost according to various international standards and regulations like EN 13432, ISO 14855. The materials will be totally biodegraded to water, carbon dioxide and biomass when metabolized in the soil or compostable under standard conditions. Our products are also certified by OK Compost TUV, Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic materials, FDA Approved Plastics for Food Contact of USA, etc.


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