Visit of KEC to Vulcan Augmetics – the future is upgradable

KEC team had an important meeting with Vulcan team for the next steps on market development for Vulcan.

In the future, technology will turn something as traumatic as the loss of a limb into a minor inconvenience – an upgrade not a bandaid.

That future is closer than you might think, at least that’s what Mr Rafael – Founder of Vulcan and Alex Nguyen, senior ecosystem business advisor of KEC Venture, believes.

‘[There is] 70% unemployment amongst amputees. This means they struggle to support their families. They struggle with social stigma. They lack physical independence and have to rely on family members to help with some daily tasks,’ said Rafael.

‘In developed nations, the majority of amputees have access to some kind of support through government programs, social assistance, or insurance. There is none of that in developing nations, and 95% of amputees there have zero access to care.’

Without access to support systems, amputees in developing nations are forced to fund their own care, and the price point of most prosthetics currently on the market put them well out of reach for the vast majority.

Vulcan Augmetics is rethinking the manufacturing process applying technology that exists today, like 3D printing and injection moulding, to create products at a fraction of the current market costs, while still offering the same amount of usability and function.

They are building both the hardware and the software to create an ecosystem that is ready to adapt to future innovations and a core part of their mission is to make those technological gains accessible to everybody.

As of 2021 Vulcan Augmetics have signed agreements with 17 hospitals and clinics throughout Viet Nam and so far they’ve fitted 32 people with new prosthetics but they are ready to scale up. The goal for the end of 2022 is to be fitting at least 50 users a month in Viet Nam, before expanding to other countries in South East Asia.

With KEC Venture, a big future will wait for Vulcan with many big steps in marketing, funding , business supports.


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