Visit of KEC team to Real Time Robotics

KEC team had an important meeting with Real Time Robotics team for the next steps on market development for Real Time Robotics.

“I am doing business in both Vietnam and the US, where I can exploit the local advantages – the capability of approaching and updating new technologies in the US, and the possibility of seeking high-quality low-cost engineers in Vietnam,” 

That posibility is bigger than you might think, at least that’s what Dr Luong Viet Quoc – Founder of Real Time Robotics and Alex Nguyen, Senior ecosystem business advisor of KEC Venture, believes.

The market for agricultural drones in Vietnam is worth a few hundred million USD, and the world is 5.7 billion USD in 2025. According to Quoc, in the near future drones will be used a lot in agriculture to replace manual methods, like plows replacing buffaloes.

These unmanned aircraft are applied in defense, security, border patrol, infrastructure inspection and smart agriculture… but from hardware and software to circuit design, fuselage, etc. are all created by a team of Vietnamese engineers.

Thanks to its own technology, Real-time Robotics is the only company currently making agricultural drones that both have lower operating costs than Chinese drones and secure data.

That is the result that Dr. Luong Viet Quoc is most interested in. It has both contributed to helping farmers grow “greener”, reducing the use of chemicals, protecting farmers’ health, saving costs compared to using Chinese drones, and ensuring information security for the country.


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