KEC Vietnam Venture attended the Green Economy 2022

KEC team attended the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2022 held by the European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City on November 28.

The GEFE, which will run until November 30, aims to support Vietnam in achieving its COP26 commitments and its National Green Growth Strategy’s socio-economic development goals

KEC Vietnam Venture will continue making the contribution to improve the investment environment, reducing input costs for enterprises; encouraging the development of green economy, circular economy, energy transition, and digital transformation; promoting public-private cooperation, diversifying supply chains, products and markets; encouraging innovation; and ensuring political stability, social order and safety to facilitate socio-economic development.

To implement its green economic development strategy, KEC will need the support and learn the valuable knowledges of the international community in terms of capital, technology, human resources training, institutional building, and governance experiences.

It is a longterm and hard working investment, but it deserved for us and our next Vietnamese generations.

KEC Vietnam Venture will be in charge of :

1. Reversing funding sources and reimbursements for large-scale projects.

2. Experience, expertise, and capital to evaluate green projects.

3. Access to international capital markets for the financing of infrastructure investments.

4. Setting up the masterplan to achieve carbon neutrality for corporation.

5. Cooperating to make Framework on urban design sustainability – five focus areas including energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, water quality and recharge, habitat and ecological quality, energy use and production, and equity and health.

6. Researching for using greener materials, like biodegradable, paper, and biobased products, to reduce packaging weight and increase recycled content.

7. Digitalization, automation for REC, Carbon Credit Trading management.

8. Legal constraints to renewable energy development​ – Obtaining funding for projects – legal issues, bankability issues, market issues, auction timing and quality

9. Develop the data-driven approach for energy, water and cost efficiency

10. Planning for corporation to achieve zero waste in production by reducing byproduct consumption and introducing circular economy solutions


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