Establishment of – Trusted Renewable Energy Certification Center.

Today, in the first working day of Lunar New Year, We are very please to announce about the Establishment of – Trusted Renewable Energy Certification Center.

T-REC center is an organization established under the supervision of Knowledge Exchange Commercialization Vietnam Venture (KEC Vietnam Venture ).

Vietnam Government has set the target to achieve 32% of the total electricity generation from renewable energy by 2030 and 43% by 2050. is the partner of TRECs AI Singapore, offers a full suite of services to manage Renewable Energy Certificates (#RECs), which are used to offset scope 2 emissions. REHash(TM) marketplace bis a #blockchain-enabled platform which tracks and certifies transfer of ownership and retirement of RECs, using a proof of stake concept to prevent double-counting of ownership. Through REHash(TM) platform, clients can register their renewable energy assets, buy and sell RECs, as well as retire RECs to achieve their energy sustainability goals. will also offer the ESG Consulting Services related to #EnvironmentTreatment#Agriculture#Healthcare#Education#Finance inside the #GreenEconomy, based on our ecosystem soon.


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